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Suave Brisa Liposuction

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Thanks for your interest in our flagship product the liposculpture Suave Brisa. Our company is staffed by a team of medical professionals in the area of body and facial cosmetic surgery, with Dr. John Barreto Navia, chief surgeon who created and patented Suave Brisa Liposuction Trademark.

The Gentle Breeze Liposuction is a less invasive procedure, unconventional, which is different from other procedures because it is performed without anesthesia, thus generating no hospitalization, or disability, leaves no trauma to your body, is created for people from 14 years to 80 different diseases including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc. After surgery you can continue with your daily work, is it requires more physical activity, which is why you should walk for about 20 minutes and realizarte drainage massage.

Given physical and nutritional advice to patients, which will help to meet 50% of the procedure, also Bioenergetic evaluation with our doctor Jorge Silva to control the anxiety and fear, suitable for before and after surgery. All valuations are free. We deliver a card with a charge of Us $108 for discounts on our SPA, effective referral charge Us$ 54, so the patient may take any proceedings pending at the future, or deduct from this, soon will have other benefits.

The procedure is performed by segments of Superior Segment three areas (abdomen, hips, and waist), lower segment (Crotch, Banana Roll, and rabbits), Additional Back, Rabbits, Gill, arms, crotch, and between knee. Each segment has a cost area by color (green is not about weight, overweight Yellow 0 to 4 Kilos, Red 5 and up, and Lila 10 and up), Example a patient in our Brisometro Verde (1 , 66 - 67).
The minimum value of Us $965 Any additional example: Gynecomastia (chest) Us $376
Additional values: 2 Fajas postsurgical Us $ 153
1 Drainage Massage Us $ 36
Postoperative examinations Us $ 15
Postoperative massage Us $ 108

Our procedure has no risk; the Doctor has operated more than 8,000 patients and have not had problems. The procedure is performed only in the city of Santiago de Cali. For the purposes of fat should perform traditional liposuction (with anesthesia), the value is different. And Bioplasty is the application of a mineral similar to the organism and its value is Us $ 1608.

JB GROUP also our company performs all surgical procedures on both the body andface. These are valued personally with Dr. John Barker.

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Raquel Lenis García.
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